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  • Posting just to post so you have something up
  • Shooting beautiful, but let’s face it, unrealistic and unmarketable styled shoots
  • Using other photographers as inspo but ending up with nothing but a comparison complex
  • Doing it by yourself because it feels like no one else gets it
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    A fully immersive educational retreat for photographers held in Flagstaff, with shoots in the Grand Canyon and Sedona, Arizona.

    Created for the burnt out wedding photographer that feels like they're just going through the motions and wants to finally book things they’re passionate about. They just have no idea how to get there.

    You’ll leave feeling fully refreshed with actionable steps and a super marketable portfolio to help you achieve your financial goals, get your freedom back, and feel excited about your work again.

    join the waitlist

    join the waitlist

    "I created a goal and structure for my business to follow. I was encouraged by Grit to find something about me that makes me stick out from the rest and that’s exactly what I did. I found ways to make my clients’ experience unique in a way that reflected who I was.

    I began to book more and more sessions based on not only my work but who I was as a photographer and the experience I provided!

    The Grit workshop was the most incredible experience that I will forever be thankful for. They taught me how to not only grow my business through amazing marketing strategies, but even how to build a better life for myself by creating a work environment that I enjoy and thrive in."

    "I wasn’t planning on attending Grit but by some miracle, 2 months before their workshop, a spot opened up. At the time I didn’t know how badly I needed to be there. Within the first few hours of entering the house, I realized Grit was going to change my business. The amount of knowledge I left with was overwhelming but in the BEST way.

    I had gained the courage to quit my job and go full time as a photographer two months later, but I really made up my mind the 2nd day of the workshop.

    I had the confidence to stop taking on work that wasn’t helping my business flourish in the direction I had hoped.

    Just three months after the workshop I had book 3 elopements all over the US, which for me was HUGE. I couldn’t believe the impact just 4 days was having on the rest of my career.

    I am still taking things that I’ve learned from them and am implementing it into how I run my business. I had attended styled shoots and workshops before but truly nothing can compare to what Jaycee and Annie have to offer."

    Portia Kohls

    Cincinnati Wedding Photographer


    Grace Sanders

    Elopement Photographer


    ☑️ A dream client booked at your highest rate ever within six weeks

    ☑️ An authentic brand you’ve built by finally discovering what makes you different and valuable

    ☑️ A consistent flow of inquiries, and the opportunity to pick and choose what you want to shoot

    ☑️ A community of other bold women who understand you, support you, and will stand by your side as you grow

    ☑️ A roadmap of exactly what you need to do next to meet your goals.


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    off-site experience

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