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You have to believe that first. You'll never put your all into anything if you already expect yourself to fail. You can do this.

• Finally raising your pricing, then immediately feeling like your bookings have tanked

• Offering discounts, specials, giveaways, and referral programs that just devalue your services in the end

• Using other photographers as inspo, but ending up with nothing but a comparison complex

• Doing it yourself because it feels like no one else gets it

Let's get started!

Become That Photographer is a 14-week group coaching program where we provide step-by-step education, teaching you our exact strategy to shoot what you love + make more money.

Created for the busy photographer to finally get clarity on the missing piece that's standing in the way of achieving their goals without having to sacrifice their limited free time.

You’ll end this program feeling relieved to finally have structure in your business. You’ll gain actionable steps to help you achieve your financial goals, get your life back, and feel excited about your work again.

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We're guiding you through the exact strategy that we used to build six-figure photography businesses. You'll have access to our online course training portal where you can rewatch the trainings over and over again, at your own pace, as you implement changes. We'll teach you how to:

Build a business + a brand that feels truly like you

• Stand out in this industry by finally discovering your secret sauce

• Seamlessly create content that actually converts to sales

• Become a specialized photographer who’s seen as the expert in your niche

• Get consistent inquiries from dream clients + stop taking on everything that comes your way

• Get bookings at higher rates, finally charge your worth + meet those big income goals


We're also bringing in some of the best in the photography industry for live presentations on subjects that we aren't teaching within the online course content. We want you to walk away from this a changed photography business owner. Our guest speakers include:

Using Mindset, Confidence, and Values To Propel Your Business with Chelsea Abril

• Creative Shooting: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome + Getting Your Creativity Back with Brooke Anne

• Developing An Emotive Editing Style with Staci Brucks

• Taxes + Accounting For Photographers Q&A with Rocco Tundo, CPA


Every other Wednesday Jaycee + Annie will hop on a live Q&A to help you implement the BTP strategy into your specific business. We'll provide insight and assistance for you as you navigate the new changes. This set up will allow us to be involved in your business transition in a way we aren’t able to be in any other experience that we offer.


Not only will we be doing in-depth live Q&A’s bi-weekly, but we’ll also be there for you every single weekday throughout the 14-week duration of the coaching program via chat. Ask us anything along the way and we’ll be there to support you.


As you're making big changes to your website copy, social media content, and overall business brand, we'll be there to provide feedback and constructive criticism on the improvements you've made. You'll be able to submit your pages for review, we'll look over everything and do an in-depth audit. We'll share anything we feel could be changed or improved to increase your bookings rates and why.


Running a business can feel incredibly lonely and isolating at times. It feels like no one else truly understands your struggles and journey. But this experience is going to allow you to surround yourself with other photographers that truly get it and are there to support and encourage you every single step of the way. It's a Grit family.


When we say we're holding nothing back, we mean it. This is our most in-depth education that we offer. Not only will we be teaching you the exact steps to take in order to reach your business goals, but we'll also provide in-depth guides to follow throughout the process including:

• Exact timeline to follow as you implement changes to hold you accountable

• Website copy checklist

• IG bio checklist

• Caption templates

• Email response templates

• Pricing guide copy checklist

this is what i'm looking for

Brooke Anne

Rocco Tundo

Chelsea Abril

Staci Brucks

Chelsea is a business mindset master and she'll be speaking on "Using Mindset, Confidence, and Values To Propel Your Business"

Rocco is a small business accounting guru, specializing in photographers. He'll be speaking on "Mastering Taxes + Accounting"

Brooke is putting the art back into couple's photography. She's speaking on "Creative Shooting: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome + Getting Your Creativity Back"

Staci's gorgeous editing style is one that most strive for. She's speaking on "Developing An Emotive Editing Style"

"I've gained a higher booking rate with clients who fit my vibe and vision, which like, is the whole goal!!!

If you’re on the fence about GRIT, freaking jump girl!!! I promise J + A are there to catch your fall & get you running towards your goals."

"I quit my job to go full time as a photographer... Just three months after I had booked 3 elopements all over the U.S., which for me was HUGE. I couldn't believe the impact it was having on the rest of my career. Truly nothing can compare to what Jaycee and Annie have to offer."

"I've gotten to go full time in my business. It changed my life, almost like a breath of fresh air.

Sales and bookings have tripled, but the friends I got out of it was my favorite part."

Olivia Kalton

Cincinnati Wedding Photographer


Jessica Luann

Colorado Elopement Photographer


Grace Sanders

Elopement Photographer


May 15 - August 21, 2023

Full access to all business training videos inside your attendee portal. You'll be able to watch them at your own pace and rewatch them over and over again as you implement changes. Weekday support in Messenger + bi-weekly live Q+A calls

May 24, 2023

Live Q&A with Jaycee + Annie

May 31, 2023

Guest Speaker: Chelsea Abril - "Using Values To Propel Your Business"

June 7, 2023

Live Q&A with Jaycee + Annie

June 14, 2023

Guest Speaker: Brooke Anne - "Overcoming Imposter Syndrome + Getting Your Creativity Back"

June 21, 2023

Live Q&A with Jaycee + Annie

June 28, 2023

Guest Speaker: Staci Brucks - "Developing An Emotive Editing Style"

July 5, 2023

Live Q&A with Jaycee + Annie

July 19, 2023

Live Q&A with Jaycee + Annie

July 26, 2023

Guest Speaker: Rocco Tundo - "Mastering Accounting + Taxes For Photographers"

August 2, 2023

Live Q&A with Jaycee + Annie

August 16, 2023

Live Q&A with Jaycee + Annie

I'm ready!

☑️ Shooting less and charging more so you can get your personal life back

☑️ An authentic brand you’ve built that actually attracts your dream clients by finally discovering what makes you different and valuable

☑️ A consistent flow of inquiries, and the opportunity to pick and choose what you want to shoot

☑️ A community of other bold women who understand you, support you, and will stand by your side as you grow

☑️ A roadmap of exactly what you need to do next to meet your goals.


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