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A program designed to help you shoot what you love and make more money doing it.

become that photographer online course + group coaching program

hosted by Jaycee Brammer + Annie Ryan of Grit Education Co.

an online course + 14-week group coaching program for the photographer or videographer who’s ready to finally start booking work they're passionate about and charging their worth.

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I’ve learned more about business, client communication, organization and routine than I thought I ever could. I know when I implement everything I’ve learned, I’ll have Jaycee and Annie to thank for helping me build a life I love.




An in-depth educational experience for the photographer or videographer who is ready to...

• Hit that six-figure mark

• Discover what sets you apart and stand out in the industry

• Get consistent inquiries and bookings from dream clients

• Leave the guesswork of running a business behind

• No longer do it all alone and finally meet your industry besties

• Build a life and business you love

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Imagine your business like this...

… you’re finally booking your dream work that you’re genuinely excited about

… you’ve hit your income goals and you're making enough money to support your ideal lifestyle

… you bring in such a steady flow of inquiries that you can pick and choose the work you want to take on

… you are charging your worth, so you can shoot less and get your personal life back

... you have clarity about what's unique about you so putting yourself out there no longer feels scary

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Become That Photographer

Consider us your personal guides to building your dream photography or videography business.

Become That Photographer is a 14-week group coaching program where we provide step-by-step education, teaching you our exact strategy to shoot what you love + make more money.

Created for the busy photographer to finally get clarity on the missing piece that's standing in the way of achieving their goals without having to sacrifice their limited free time.

You’ll end this program feeling relieved to finally have structure in your business. You’ll gain actionable steps to help you achieve your financial goals, get your life back, and feel excited about your business again.

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We’ve stripped down the process of marketing a photography business and pulled out the pivotal pieces that have transformed us into six-figure business owners. We're giving you everything.

This strategy allowed us to go from overwhelmed, burnt out photographers who were taking on pretty much anyone and everyone that would pay us to having booming, specialized businesses with dream clients lining up to hire us.


We're guiding you through the exact strategy that we used to build six-figure photography businesses. You'll have access to our online course training portal where you can rewatch the trainings over and over again, at your own pace, as you implement changes. We'll teach you how to:

Build a business + a brand that feels truly like you

• Stand out in this industry by finally discovering your secret sauce

• Seamlessly create content that actually converts to sales

• Become a specialized photographer who’s seen as the expert in your niche

• Get consistent inquiries from dream clients + stop taking on everything that comes your way

• Confidently present your offer in a way that makes people want to buy

• Get bookings at higher rates, finally charge your worth + meet those big income goals


Every other Wednesday Jaycee + Annie will hop on a live Q&A to help you implement the BTP strategy into your specific business. We'll provide insight and assistance for you as you navigate the new changes. This set up will allow us to be involved in your business transition in a way we aren’t able to be in any other experience that we offer.


Not only will we be doing in-depth live Q&A’s bi-weekly, but we’ll also be there for you every single weekday throughout the 14-week duration of the coaching program via chat. Ask us anything along the way and we’ll be there to support you.


As you're making big changes to your website copy, social media content, and overall business brand, we'll be there to provide feedback and constructive criticism on the improvements you've made. You'll be able to submit your pages for review, we'll look over everything and do an in-depth audit. We'll share anything we feel could be changed or improved to increase your bookings rates and why.


Running a business can feel incredibly lonely and isolating at times. It feels like no one else truly understands your struggles and journey. But this experience is going to allow you to surround yourself with other photographers that truly get it and are there to support and encourage you every single step of the way. It's a Grit family.


When we say we're holding nothing back, we mean it. This is our most in-depth education that we offer. Not only will we be teaching you the exact steps to take in order to reach your business goals, but we'll also provide an in-depth workbook and tools to guide you throughout the process including:

• A roadmap to success including a recommended watch schedule and weekly tasks

• Brand statement worksheet

• Self discovery questions - Find your niche, specialty, and connection points

• Marketing avatar profile

• Brand visual identity Canva template

• Cost of doing business/pricing spreadsheet

• Calculating your pricing worksheet

• Pricing packages guide

• Affirmations

• Breaking down your goals worksheet

• Process of a sale phases worksheets

• Website SEO worksheets

• Website copy templates

• Content planning step-by-step worksheet

• Content planning fill in the blank chart

• Content calendar

• Email templates

• Client experience checklist

black friday sale - $600 off




You'll have access to over 10 hours of education inside your online portal. You have unlimited access for one full year.

A 40-page workbook to guide you through your entire business transformation including guides, templates, and worksheets.

We'll be available to you as your personal business coaches, Monday-Friday for the entire 14 week program to help you implement these changes.

When you implement our strategies, you’ll gain massive takeaways like:

☑️ Shooting less and charging more so you can get your personal life back

☑️ An authentic brand you’ve built that attracts your dream clients by finally discovering what makes you different and valuable

☑️ A consistent flow of inquiries, and the opportunity to pick and choose what you want to shoot

☑️ A community of other bold women who understand you, support you, and will stand by your side as you grow

☑️ A roadmap of exactly what you need to do next to meet your goals.


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