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The Ultimate Shot List + Wedding Client Email Templates + Wedding Client Questionnaire
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Wedding Client Email Templates + The Ultimate Shot List + Wedding Client Questionnaire
1.) Our Wedding Client Email Templates include 20 essential email templates to keep you on top of your wedding client communication. These email templates are jam packed with incredible copy to help you stop getting ghosted, book more weddings, get raving reviews, and so much more. You’ll also receive a guide of how to incorporate them into your workflow.
  • Wedding Inquiry Response
  • Wedding Inquiry Follow Up
  • Double Inquiry Notice
  • How To Answer When The Couple Asks For A Discount
    • Discount Option #1: Saying No
    • Discount Option #2: Counteroffer
    • Discount Option #3: Offering The Discount Correctly
  • After Payment Welcome
  • Asking For A Payment
  • Engagement Session Prep
  • Check-Ins
    • 6 months check-in
    • 4 months check-in
    • 2 months check-in
  • Boudoir Pitch
  • Wedding Week Check-In (+ Pro-Tips)
  • Day After Wedding Sneakpeek
  • Wedding Gallery Delivery
  • Asking For Credit
  • Print Sales Pitch
    • Print Sales Follow Up
  • Asking For Great Reviews
  • How To Answer When The Couple Asks For RAW Files


2.) Our Ultimate Wedding Shot List includes everything you need to capture on a wedding day, plus a few pro tips to remember. Show up completely prepared and ready to take on the job with this shot list in hand. Shooting weddings can be a bit intimidating and it’s a scary thought that you may miss a big moment during someone’s wedding day. They can’t do it over. Every moment matters. We created this guide as a helpful resource to keep with you during a wedding day so you can refer back to it before all of the big events. It’s packed with helpful information, posing ideas, and a few pro tips. It’s the perfect guide to assure that you are going to serve your wedding clients perfectly and deliver a great gallery that encompasses their day fully.
3.) The ultimate wedding photography client questionnaire packed with 30 essential questions for you to ask your wedding clients prior to their big day. These questions will allow you to get all of the information you need to know prior to a wedding day to assure that you’re focusing on what’s important the day of. Easily glance over their answers throughout the day so you’re always on top of your game and ready. Their answers will also serve as a guide for you in creating the perfect, custom timeline for each wedding client so wedding days will flow more smoothly.
Get the preparation info from your clients that they never would’ve thought to give to you themselves. It’s time to uplevel your client experience, provide the best service possible, and get raving reviews about how organized and prepared you were as a wedding photographer. This wedding client questionnaire is truly a game changer!